Justin Pawlak’s 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner

Pawlak loves to daily drive his 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner

We all know Justin Pawlak. Driving a crazy fast ROUSH Performance Ford Mustang, equipped with a set of Forgestar racing wheels, he’s one of the most lovable personalities on the Formula Drift starting grid. Better known as “JTP”, he’s a professional drifter and brand ambassador for Falken Tire, Ford Racing, Roush Racing, Brian Crower, and the WELD family of brands including Forgestar.

When he’s not melting tires in his office ride – a Ford Mustang tuned by ROUSH Performance churning out nearly 1,000 horsepower and over 800 lb-ft of torque – Pawlak loves to daily drive his 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner.

Not one of the more popular choices, the 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner is Justin’s dream cruiser. We’ve heard rumors that Justin intends to run a Ford Performance 572ci big block in this thing, putting the horsepower figure for this old-school beauty well in the range of his track machine.

The vehicle is equipped with a set of WELD Riverside wheels, part of our GT-S wheel series. Designed specifically for pro-touring and ultra high-performance modern muscle sports cars, these wheels also fit high-performance old school American Muscle like a glove. With two-piece construction, these wheels offer a perfect fit and an uncompromising style. Thanks to aerospace quality spun T6061 shells and extremely strong forged aluminum centers, WELD GT-S wheels are a unique combination of ultimate strength, performance, and good looks.

Justin’s Starliner sports GT-S Riversides in a full polish finish with sizes of 20×8 and 20×10 in the front and rear, respectively. Thanks to an air ride suspension, the Galaxie Starline sits so nice & low, that some SoCal natives will certainly feel a little jealous.

A complete media gallery of Justin Pawlak’s 1960 Ford Starliner is added below.