Titan Motorsports, Real Street, and Weld Racing at TX2K 2019

Once again, TX2K didn’t fail to deliver lots of excitement, great drag races, and an impressive race weekend

Frankly, there are only a few events on the motorsport calendar that attract such a varied group of petrolheads such as the TX2K. Year after year, this has been an event that attracts various drag racing enthusiasts from all across the nation, flocking to Houston, Texas in vast numbers. And this year’s edition of TX2K was no different. And for WELD Wheels, a leader in the field of high-performance forged drag racing wheels, this is an event we earmark on our calendars. Twice. And for the most part, TX2K once again didn’t fail to deliver lots of excitement, great drag races and an impressive race weekend.

This year, Real Street Performance hosted WELD racing in their booth, providing us with a front-row seat view at the drag racing unfolding throughout the weekend. For those not familiar with their work, Real Street Performance is the parts supplier that racers and retailers all over the world count on when they need reliable advice, when they want honest and caring service from someone that takes pride in what they do, and when they need the right parts delivered quickly to their address, all without unexpected delays or unpleasant surprises. No wonder we love working with them!

Vehicles with WELD Wheels were found in great numbers. Drag racing machines such as the Acura Integra, pushing boundaries of what’s possible on the drag strip, featured a set of WELD Magnum Import wheels. Several Chevrolet Camaros ran impressive run times and top speeds on WELD Magnum and S71 Beadlock wheels. Furthermore, a slew of Chevrolet Corvettes rolled on WELD S71 and WELD S77 wheels. Mustangs appeared taking on their competitors on WELD Alumastar and S71 wheels. All the while, their Cadillac counterparts in the form of several CTS-Vs, ran WELD Alumastar and S77 wheels. Finally, a number of high-powered Toyota Supras faced some fierce competition on WELD Alumastar front and rear runners, S71 and V-Series wheels. In the end, it’s great to see so much of both the professional racing teams and tuners, but also, casual drag racing competitors using our wheels.

In the end, TX2K is the event where the who’s who of the aftermarket modding & drag racing scene is always present. Additionally, the magnitude of customers, friends and casual fans of our products, pushes us to make an appearance year after year. We wish to thank all who visited our booth, came to talk to us and took some snaps of the cars running our wheels. Hope to see you there next year!

You can take a look at the complete media gallery of this year’s TX2K event right below.