Blacked Out Ford Mustang With WELD Alumastar And S71 Beadlock Wheels

This Ford Mustang S550 comes ready to take on the drag strip, thanks to a perfect front and rear drag wheel & tire combination

Giving your drag racing prepped Ford Mustang the proper set of wheels is key to perfect traction and great quarter-mile runs. Hence, for this particular Ford Mustang, we’ve machined a set of our WELD Alumastar and WELD S71 Beadlock drag racing wheels. And besides the whole blacked out wow effect, this Mustang can really duke it out with the best of them at the drag strip. Naturally, sticky Mickey Thompson rubber provides the much-needed traction for this build.

In many ways, this front and rear wheel combination work perfectly for many American Muscle car owners looking for that ultimate drag setup. The WELD AlumaStar 2.0 one-piece wheel has been the benchmark in Pro Mod and Pro Stock for the length of its existence. Furthermore, the iconic five-spoke wheel’s one-piece forged construction provides a lighter, stronger wheel with virtually no run-out. Additionally, the spindle mount applications exceed SFI 15.2 specifications. And to sweeten the deal for our customers, these wheels are available in either a Polished Aluminum or as it’s seen in this case, a gorgeous Black Anodized finish. In turn, it’s a selection that plenty of drag racing professionals and enthusiasts chose for their front wheel drag setup.

Black Ford Mustang S550 - WELD S71 Beadlock - Alumastar Wheels

On the other hand, the WELD S71 Beadlock wheels provide a perfect rear axle solution for owners who don’t need to go in the ways of WELD Alumastar Rear or Alumastar Pro wheels for their build. These WELD S71 Beadlock wheels bring their application flexible racing technology to the street with a budget-friendly three-piece modular wheel that uses a unique welded assembly process. In turn, this allows for a magnitude of wheel diameters and widths to be delivered, creating a large spectrum of possible applications and fitments. Furthermore, this wheel brings the traditional WELD Racing look but also continues the drag strip inspired tradition which uses a forged billet center and cold forged rims, creating a strong wheel, designed to withstand the increased stresses of the racing environment.

The end result is a wheel combo that provides a strong and capable wheel solution, both on and off the track. And since these wheels are made in Kansas City, USA, you can count on the utmost prices engineering & manufacturing processes, using our domestic industry know-how and materials. The resulting wheel setup will help this black Ford Mustang achieve some impressive 1/4 mile runs, all the while looking incredible while standing still.

Grab a detailed look at this build in the media gallery below.

Renaissance Red Toyota Supra Turbo On WELD S71 Forged Wheels

Coming from California, this beautiful Renaissance Red Toyota Supra is showcased in a beautiful beach photoshoot

Even though a twin-turbo Toyota Supra is not really a rare sight anymore these days, one that’s so utterly clean and impressive is seldom seen. Usually, these cars feature mods that are oriented just to making the vehicle run fast on the drag strip. For this, however, looks are as imperative as it’s performance levels. Featuring a beautiful Renaissance Red exterior finish and a set of WELD S71 three-piece five-spoke forged wheels, this Supra fits well at the local “it” spots just as well as it does on a race track.

When the WELD S71 wheels were being engineered & designed, it was imperative to bring the application flexible racing technology to the street with a budget-friendly three-piece modular wheel, all done utilizing a unique welded assembly process. In turn, this allows the S71 wheel to have the classic WELD Racing look, but also, to continue the WELD Racing tradition utilizing a forged billet center and cold forged rims. the end result is a unique three-piece forged wheel that offers three mounting pad heights to clear specific drum and multi-piston opposed calipers.

Overall, the WELD S71 is a perfect fit for owners looking for a lightweight, strong and classic looking WELD five-spoke wheel for their drag racing & street applications.

For this build, the customer went with a set of WELD S71 sized 18 and 15 inches in the front and rear, respectively. This gives the owner the option of using sticky Mickey Thompson drag radial tires, but also, to clear the high-performance aftermarket brakes installed on this vehicle. Furthermore, the wheels feature a Gloss Black and a Polished Aluminum finish. Perfect match for this red Supra.

You can grab a detailed look at this Renaissance Red Toyota Supra build in the media gallery below.

Dodge Ram 1500 & Chevrolet Silverado Show Off WELD F66 Forged Offroad Wheels

The WELD F66 builds on some classic WELD designs, giving you a forged wheel for those that look to keep their truck’s ride height stock

For years, we’ve been giving drag racing customers exactly what they want: a great looking wheel that is built with all the particular requirements of the drag racing world, resulting in some of the world’s most popular aftermarket forged wheels. Now, it’s time to give our beloved truck owners the same treatment. With a big expansion in our WELD Truck & Offroad lineup headed for the 2019 SEMA Show later in the year, we’re slowly gearing up for the big reveal with several photoshoots of truck builds already done with our wheels.

The first in a long line of upcoming shoots is this one. Featuring a dynamic duo of a Dodge Ram 1500 and a Chevrolet Silverado, it portrays a perfect one-two punch for anyone looking for two rugged trucks that can handle themselves both on and off the road. In this instance, both of these trucks are equipped with a set of WELD F66 forged offroad wheels.

Building on the classic WELD Cheyenne design and the modern WELD XT Cheyenne wheels, the WELD Offroad F66 is the Cheyenne design in a wheel for those who don’t want to lift their truck or Jeep. The WELD F66 is a forged one-piece wheel engineered for reduced weight and improved strength. The wheels are available in a 20-inch diameter with 5 or 6 lug bolt patterns. In turn, the WELD F66 gives you the advantage of forged performance wheels without having to modify your truck or Jeep. And the end result is a great looking truck that will catch a lot of prying eyes anywhere it goes.

For more information about WELD Truck & Offroad wheels, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. A detailed media gallery of these two trucks fitted with aftermarket forged offroad wheels awaits you right below.