Custom Forged Wheels

Our custom-size forged wheels are built-to-order and available exclusively through direct purchase from our sales team. Whether you're in the market for beadlock wheels, front runners, drag wheels, or simply an aggressive offset, WELD Racing is here to deliver the unique wheel spec your build demands. Contact us today to get started or for any questions about our WELD Racing custom wheels.

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Custom Drag Forged Wheels

Conquer the ¼ mile with WELD Racing's custom Drag series forged wheels. Whether you require custom beadlock wheels or front runners, no one delivers the strength and security to put the power down like WELD Racing. Trust us to tailor your wheels with the unique specifications and unmatched strength your purpose-built drag car demands.

Drag Fronts
Diameters 15”, 17”, 18”, 20"
Widths 2.25” - 6”

Drag Rears
Diameters 15" & 16"
Widths 7" - 19"
Beadlock Single & Double

Custom RT & RT-S Forged Wheels

Command the road and track with WELD Racing's Custom RT & RT-S forged wheels. Designed to dominate, our custom-built RT & RT-S Street & Strip wheels offer unrivaled versatility for your high-performance vehicle. Whether you’re searching for an aggressive size like a 15x12 beadlock wheel or an outrageous offset, our custom wheel specs allow you to push the limits.

Custom RT Forged Wheels
Diameters 15" & 17"
Widths 4" - 16"
Beadlock Single & Double

Custom RT-S Forged Wheels
Diameters 15" - 20"
Widths 4" - 18"
Beadlock Single

RM Series Wheels Wheels

The WELD RM Series is designed for 1000+ horsepower applications to minimize tire slippage, maximize weight savings, and deliver unique style. The entire wheel is precision-machined from a single forging of 6061-T6 aluminum. The outboard beadlock ring is also precision-machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and bolts directly to the wheel using Tikore titanium hardware resulting in extra weight reduction.

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Custom Oval Track Forged Wheels

Experience the competitive edge you need to confidently take on the oval track with WELD Racing's custom-forged wheels. With over 45 years of experience supporting Sprint cars, our custom-built forged wheels are proven to withstand the toughest conditions and optimize your performance. Explore our range of custom oval track wheel options by contacting our team today

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