The Only Wheels Built to Handle

338 MPH


11,000 HP

World Record set on WELD Racing Delta-1 Wheels by Brittany Force

Maximizing Speed and Strength

With an extensive history in motorsports, WELD Racing has built our design philosophy and manufacturing standards around the unique needs of our fastest clients. As the most trusted wheel brand for 11,000 horsepower Top Fuel racers, we can say with confidence: WELD makes the strongest, fastest, winningest wheel in the industry.



Prioritizing in-house strength testing allows us to consistently build wheels that exceed industry standards.


WELD Racing wheels aren’t just lighter, our expert engineers use weight distribution to minimize the rotational force of inertia allowing for faster acceleration.


We developed a proprietary machining process that reduces runout to achieve the smoothest ride at the highest speed.


Our wheels are used by the world’s fastest vehicles competing in NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro-Stock classes; resulting in over 30 NHRA Championship wins for WELD Racing. In oval track racing, our wheels have been used widely by pro-drivers since 1967, beginning with Greg Weld, and have brought home over 5,000 wins. With a total of over 8,000 professional racing wins, we let the results speak for themselves. We are the winningest wheel in racing.


NHRA Top Fuel ET Record
3.623 seconds
Brittany Force
NHRA Top Fuel Speed Record
338.17 MPH
Brittany Force
NHRA Funny Car ET Record
3.793 seconds
Robert Hight
NHRA Funny Car Speed Record
339.87 MPH
Robert Hight
NHRA Pro Stock ET Record
6.450 seconds
Erica Enders


As the pioneer of wheel development in the racing industry, WELD is dedicated to exceeding the standards that professional motorsports drivers demand, but we don’t stop there. WELD Racing is committed to meeting the needs of every automotive enthusiast. That is why we have developed an expansive catalog with an array of options for every driver and every budget. Need help finding the right wheels for your ride? Check out our application guide below.

Find the right WELD wheel for your unique need.

Segment Product Line Application
Racing Drag Front and Rear
  • Purpose built professional racing product
  • Used in all NHRA classes
  • Forged 6061 monoblock or multipiece forged construction
Racing RT
  • Purpose built racing product
  • Versatile product used across professional and grass-roots racing
  • Multipiece forged construction
Racing Import
  • Purpose built racing product
  • Designed for import tuner, sport-compact FWD applications
  • Multipiece forged construction
Racing Oval
  • Purpose built racing product
  • Sprint car, dirt oval, late model, micro, and midget applications
  • Multipiece forged construction
Street & Strip RT-S
  • Fitment for vintage, classic muscle, and modern muscle
  • Multipiece forged construction
Street & Strip Performance RF
  • Fitment for modern muscle cars, classic cars, tuner cars
  • Built for street and strip
  • Rotary formed construction
Street & Strip DFS
  • Iconic designs for classic hot-rods
  • Multipiece forged construction
Truck & Off-Road Off-Road Rotary Formed & Dually
  • Truck and SUV fitment
  • Built for street and off-road
  • Rotary formed construction
Truck & Off-Road Off-Road Rotary Formed Beadlock
  • Truck and SUV fitment
  • Purpose built off-road product
  • Rotary formed construction
Truck & Off-Road Off-Road Forged
  • Truck and SUV fitment
  • Forged aluminum construction
  • Designed for lifted/leveled vehicles
  • Forged 6061 monoblock construction
Off-Road UTV
  • Purpose built side-by-side/UTV product
  • Popular fitments for Can-Am, Polaris, Textron, Honda and Yamaha UTVs
  • Rotary formed construction