WELD Wheel Cleaning and Care Instructions

Washing WELD Wheels – Polished, Powder Coated, and Anodized


- Automotive Soap
- Lambskin Wash Mitt
- Chamois or Micro-fiber Towel

Before You Start:

- Only clean a cool wheel
- Only use soap and water to clean, never any chemicals
- Only wash the wheel to clean it never wipe it down between cleanings
- If exposed to salt, wash immediately
1. Wash the wheels to remove brake dust and loose dirt – Use regular car wash soap and a lambskin wash mitt. Wet the wheel completely before washing with the mitt and soapy water. Rinse with slow, constant water stream.

Pro Tips:

- Never use any detergents
- Dry with chamois or clean micro-fiber towel
- Keep wheel cleaning mitt and towels separate from other cleaning supplies
2. Remove any remaining dirt, tar, or grease. Use wax and grease remover with a soft 100% cotton rag. Wipe down the entire wheel several times, including the backside, until clean.
3. Re-wash the wheel per step #1 to make sure the wheel is free of contaminants. Be sure to remove all wax and debris.
Note: Any remaining contaminates at this stage will scratch the finish if polishing the wheel.
CAUTION: Do not use anything other than mild soap or water to clean your uncoated and anodized wheels. Any chemicals or detergents can result in a permanent loss of finish quality and color.