2020 WELD Racing NHRA Contingency Rules and Regulations

Thank you for participating in our NHRA Contingency program. Please contact us with any questions and best of luck to you and your team this year!

Eligible Products:

All WELD Wheels are eligible for the contingency program in 2020 provided they were purchased within the last 5 years and the claim is from the original purchaser and have proper certification for the class

Program and Requirements:

  • Verification of the placement of the WELD Racing approved size and logo of the NHRA Contingency Decals at the beginning of Round 1 through the Final Round of all 2020 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Race Series Eliminations
  • Verification of Competitors W9 IRS Forms prior to paying any Contingency Payments (a current W9 is required for payouts, no retroactive payouts will be made once a W9 is received.)
  • WELD Contingency payouts are limited to being paid after each individual NHRA Mello Yello event
  • Verification of the placement of all FOUR WELD Wheels as outlined specifically in the 2020 NHRA Mello Yello Contingency Agreement
  • Competitors must submit a receipt of purchase for the wheels from within 5 years. *If the car was built within 5 years and new Weld wheels were supplied by the builder, consult Weld Racing for verification

Claim Submissions

Claims need to be submitted to contingency@mw.company

Complete submissions will include:

  • W9
  • Winner’s Circle photo (optional-when applicable)
  • Receipt of original purchase with date and dealer
  • In any class requiring a 15.3 SFI label; the label must be current (not expired) and proof of compliant date provided upon request to an NHRA or WELD Representative
  • All submissions MUST be made by January 31, 2021. Any submissions after that date will not be paid, NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • WELD will not pay contingency to any competitor that uses "borrowed" wheels from a WELD FSP Supported Driver or Team
  • WELD does not pay contingency to any WELD Factory Supported Driver or Team
  • Competitor or team must be to the original purchaser, confirmed by the submitted receipt from within 5 years of the date of the event

Social Media

Winners and Runner-ups are encouraged to (but NOT required) post a mention of their WELD Racing Wheels on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and/or INSTAGRAM with a recognized tag:

  • #WELDRacing
  • #WELDWheels
  • @WELDRacing
  • @WELDWheels

The Fine Print

  • Weld Racing will verify all the compliance requirements and pay the competitor within 45 days of the NHRA Audited Results
  • If WELD is unable to confirm all the necessary requirements from the competitor, no contingency payment will be made
  • All decisions by WELD Racing are final are not subject to appeal

The contingency pay out forms will be checked for verification that the Winner and Runner-up have been verified to have the correct WELD wheels installed on the front and the rear of the competitor's race car, (the only exception will be a competitor that runs a wire wheel front runner when the class permits) and the competitor displayed the correct size/WELD Contingency Decals from the start of the event through final round (as specified by the NHRA 2020 Contract and outlined in the WELD Contingency Payment Process).

WELD reserves the right to use photos of all WELD Contingency participating driver, car and team in social media, advertising and promotional materials.