WELD Street & Strip aftermarket wheels are born on the track using the same forged alloy as WELD’s 330mph professional drag race wheels. From the debut of the original Prostar and Draglite, WELD’s iconic aftermarket wheel styling has the right look for your classic, muscle, pro touring, or modern muscle car. WELD forged aftermarket rims are precision engineered to improve acceleration and braking with unmatched quality and styling. All WELD Street & Strip wheels are made in the USA.



The forged GT-S max performance aftermarket wheels Specifically designed for pro-touring and ultra high performance modern muscle sports cars. New 2-PC construction allows precise fit and uncompromising style. The highest quality spun 6000 series rims and extremely strong forged centers create ultimate strength and looks.


We have a variety of hot rod wheel styles within the RT Series street wheel. The 15" wheel styles include the Weldstar, Magnum III, Vitesse, Classic, Vektor and Woodward aftermarket wheels.


WELD Racing brings its application flexible racing technology to the street with a budget friendly 3-pc modular wheel using a unique welded assembly process. This wheel has the classic WELD Racing look and continues the WELD Racing tradition utilizing a forged billet center and cold forged rims. This unique wheel offers 3 mounting pad heights to clear specific drum and multi-piston opposed calipers.






Drag Truck

WELD's signature Street Strip Crossover RT-S line is now available in sizes to accommodate the most popular drag truck.

Sport Forged

Our Sport Forged Wheels have long offered the best strength to weight ratio and lowest rotational moment of inertia of any mid priced hot rod forged wheels for maximum performance. The three styles are recognized everywhere because of their dominance on the race track and their street credibility.


The RT-S M Series is WELD’s newest street wheel and is designed to fit modern performance vehicles. The RT-S M Series are 1-Piece wheels forged from 6061-T6 Aluminum for added strength with reduced weight. The RT-S M features an extended back bell rim with a narrow drop center to clear the large brakes of modern performance cars. The black RT-S M wheels are powder coated with an all polished version available.