Published On: 01/20/2022

Published On: 01/20/2022

Kansas City, MO (January 17, 2022)WELD today announces the debut of three RT-S options, which feature the most intricate designs ever offered by the 50-year-old high-performance wheel manufacturer.

The first new designs in the RT-S lineup in five years, the S80, S81 and S82 offer both beadlock and non-beadlock options. Each incorporates 3D surface milling to create intricate details in the spoke structure and multi-axis design, providing another dimension layer in each spoke element.

Utilizing finite element analysis to optimize maximum weight savings, the Weld design team developed three distinct wheels that incorporate three-piece forgings for application flexibility, which are assembled by welding. In addition to the large array of widths and offsets, three mounting pad height options fit various brake package while maximizing the depth of the outer wheel lip.

Primary forging grade aluminum alloys have been used to create WELD forged wheels, eliminating the need for recycled scrap. The result is uncompromised quality that is evident in appearance, strength, and durability.WELD RT-S wheels are available in diameters from 15” to 20” to accommodate beefy tires. Capable of handling 1200 horsepower, 1.2 second 60 ft. times, 1,580-pound loads and very high speeds, these wheels have been the answer for powerful and sophisticated hot rods and street machines for more than a decade.

For over 50 years WELD has built technologically superior wheels and continues the tradition of building Racing and Performance wheels using 21st century technology while giving the customer top quality, true craftsmanship, and excellent customer service.