In order to be considered for WELD product support, the form below must be completed in full, and you must agree to the terms and conditions. All forms must be submitted with current photos of the vehicle. Forms that are not completed will not be considered for support.


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Terms and Conditions

Description of Service:

(Builder)(Sponsored Racer) to create content in the form of social media posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, and/or vlogs in connection with the Brand(s) above. More details in the Project Specific Information section below.


(Builder) (Sponsored Racer) hereby grants to the Brand(s) full right and license to use, display, post, modify, and create derivative work using the content, including for use on Brand(s) social media channels and in Brand(s) advertising and marketing materials, on any medium now known or hereafter developed. Brand(s) are under no obligation to reshare content.


All content should be influencers own original work, and should reflect their honest opinions, and not contain any misleading or otherwise false statements. Content must not contain copy written material. Influencer will not cross promote any competitor products or companies in direct project related posts. The content for the project related posts must be solely Brand(s) focused. Materials gifted or used for the project may not be resold, gifted, or given away for any reason Race vehicles must display appropriate WELD logo in plain view on both sides and front of vehicle. Submit high resolution image (300 DPI min) with product in view & rights to use in WELD advertising. Mention appropriate WELD brand in print, digital, and social media. Post images of vehicle with product in view on social media and related forums, tagging or mentioning WELD Racing or appropriate WELD brand. Tag WELD in monthly social media posts. When applicable, provide footage to WELD from any video shoots. Appropriate WELD logos on support and tow vehicles when applicable. Work with WELD to include vehicle in any WELD local and regional events. Hand out WELD literature, decals or other marketing materials within reason. Based on the product requested, additional


Influencer must disclose that the content is sponsored by using the hashtag #WELDPartner in the description/post when the content is directly related to the project.
- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or similar social media platforms: use the #WELDPartner hashtag at the beginning or end of a post or at the beginning of a series of hashtags if more than one is used.

On Instagram, the hashtag should appear before the “more” button. Instagram stories must also have the #WELDPartner hashtag for any content directly related to the project.
- Blogs & Vlogs: each video or post directly related to the project must include “this post or video was sponsored by Brand(s).

Brand(s) Hashtags and Handles

WELD Racing Handles:
• Instagram: WeldWheels
• Facebook: WeldRacing
• Twitter: WeldRacing
WELD Racing Hashtags:
• #WELDPartner
• #WELDRacing
• #WELDWheels
• #MWCompany
WELD Off-Road Hashtags:
• #WELDPartner
• #WELDOffRoad
• #WELDWheels
• #MWCompany

Terms and Termination; Your Conduct:

(Builder) (Sponsored Racer) agrees to not use profane, obscene, harassing, or discriminatory language in connection with the project or any social media post referencing Brand(s). Doing so will result in immediate termination from the project. Furthermore, Brand(s) may terminate your participation in the project at any time upon notice to you, with or without cause. This agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior understandings. No waiver, modification or addition to this agreement shall be valid unless in writing and signed by the parties hereto.

Influencer to Provide:

- (Builder) (Sponsored Racer) to create video on YouTube Channel including installation footage and finished shots outside of installation shop.
- (Builder) (Sponsored Racer) to share the video across Facebook and a shorter teaser version for Instagram.
- (Builder) (Sponsored Racer) to post on Instagram (Influencer profile) once a month for 6 months making sure to tag WELD and use the Hashtags define above.
- (Builder) (Sponsored Racer) to share about the WELD products in 6 Instagram stories at a time of his choosing within 12 months making sure to use #WELDPartner
- (Builder) (Sponsored Racer) to do a 6 month and 1 year follow up post / story on how the WELD products are holding up and how they’ve been overall.